Welcome to our site, it is our hope and desire that we might be able to help you find whatever information you need in your quest to develop healthier family processes for yourself and for those you are in relationship with.


José Antonio Pagán

Family Life Director

Martita Pagán

Admin. Assistant


The families in our church and community are under attack. Children are being exposed to more dangers and adults are stretched to the maximum.  No matter what you call family we want you to become an intimate part of our church family. If you are single or married, a grandparent or mother of two teenage children our church is the place for you.If you would like to be a part of the ministries this church has for families contact the pastor for more information.

Family Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders (available in Spanish): This training tool, developed by North American Division Family Ministries, includes ten modules written by Adventist Family Ministries educators and can help you develop a successful process of family ministries in your local church. Available through AdventSource at 800.328.0525.