Camp Ministries

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The Arkansas-Louisiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has recently been made aware that there has been a tragedy involving loss of life on Lake Ouachita, in the Yorktown Bay area.  We are very sad to hear this news and offer our condolences to the family.  However, we would like to let it be known that this DID NOT occur on our campground property. There have been incorrect reports by KATV Channel 7 out of Little Rock, and possibly others,  that this accident happened at Camp Yorktown Bay.  This is NOT the case. It happened a distance away from our property and none of the individuals were in any way connected to our campground. We want to allay any fears and dispel all rumors to the contrary. Our campground is not available for the general public, reservations for any events on the property must be made in advance, and all scheduled camping  activities that occur during the summer months are highly supervised.  Camp Yorktown Bay is known for our emphasis on safety, and we strive to maintain an environment in which experience and attention to detail help to mitigate such tragic occurrences.  We solicit your prayers for those involved, and ask that you would share appropriately with others who may have been misinformed by the media.