Historic Photos of Churches and Schools


Baton Rouge Adventist School ca. 1942

Teacher: Lockie Gifford, Grades 1-6

1st Row Left to Right: Peggy Holden, Unknown, Gertrude Kingsbury, Clem Pearson, Betty Callioutte Desjardins.

2nd Row: Unknown, Unknown, John Gilbert Sectatol, Billy Wilson, Warren Lovett.

3rd Row: Frances Warren, Unknown, Unknown, Billy Aiken, Norma Jean Pearson, Peggy Laird.

4th Row: Ralph Laird, Wayne Blount, Tommy Lovett, Peggy Gardner, Unknown, Mable Burford Etheridge.

5th Row: Margaret Ann Livingston, Unknown, Henry Holden, Jackie Vale, Clifford Lovett, Unknown.

Thank you to Bill and Regina Wilson for the picture and names for this classroom.


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