Multi-Agency Disaster Warehouse in Baton Rouge is Open
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Multi-Agency Disaster Warehouse in Baton Rouge is Open

ACS Warehouse-HD 1080p from Stephen Burton on Vimeo.

The ACS warehouse where relief supplies will be stored before they are distributed to flood victims.

Warehouse manager, John H. Velduizen of Blairville, GA, unloads a stack of pallets.

The warehouse is open 8am to 6pm seven days a week.

Warehouse manager, John Veldhuizen, drives a forklift carrying a stack of pallets.

Lavida Whitson, disaster relief coordinator for the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference, briefs Steve Irwin, a FEMA volunteer agency liason.

Warehouse manager, John Veldhuizen, unloads a stack of pallets to be used for storage of relief supplies.

Georgia-Cumberland disaster relief coordinator, Terry Haight, trains an AmeriCorps volunteer on how to safely operate a forklift.
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