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The Children's Ministries department is dedicated to the support and training of the leaders and teachers of the children in our churches across the conference. Children's ministries takes place at churches, camp meetings, and evangelistic meetings. Each year, the department supports churches as they conduct Vacation Bible School and Sabbath School in their areas.

Joyce Fortner
Children's Ministries Director
Sylvia Downs

Children’s Ministry can be more than a Sabbath morning class. Studies have shown that the fastest-growing churches are those that offer multiple ministries for children and advertise them to the public. George Barna, in his book Transforming Children into Spiritual Giants, states that if a child does not make a decision to choose Christ as his personal savior, the likelihood that a decision will ever be made decreases dramatically as the child matures.

It is because of the importance of reaching children that we strive to reach them each day with the glad news that they have a personal savior that loves them.

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Training for Children's Ministry Leaders 2018

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