Giving Faithful Service
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Giving Faithful Service

By Eric B. Hare printed in the book Make God First p.99.

We must all learn to obey God, whether we understand the reason for the command or not. In a very early issue of the Sabbath School Worker I came across a story that illustrates this principle.

An Eastern king needed a faithful servant. Two men applied for the position. The king paid both men the day's wage in advance, then took them to a well and put a basket down beside it. "Now, men," he said, "try your best to fill this basket with water from the well. I'll be back this evening to see how you have gotten on." So saying, he went away; and the men began to work. It wasn't long before one man said, "What a silly business - trying to fill a basket with water!" 

"But we have been paid our wages," said the other, "He knows why he told us to do it. That is not our business."

"Well, I am not going to keep on doing such a foolish work," said the first man, and throwing down his bucket, he went away."

The other man worked on faithfully, drawing water and pouring it into the basket. And just before sunset the well was dry! Looking down into it, he saw something shining! He let down his bucket, moved it carefully this way and that, and drew up a beautiful diamond ring! "Ah, now I see why the king wanted us to pour water into a basket," he said. "If we had brought up the ring before the well was dry, it would have been found in the basket!" Just then the king came back. The man showed him the ring he had just drawn up. The king smiled and said, "It's yours. You have been faithful in a little thing; now I see I can trust you in great things. Henceforth you will stand at my right hand."

From the book Faithful Stewards written by Walter E. Brown printed by AdventSource.

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